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A savvy client just informed me that MARCUS and SACRUM are anagrams!!! I have been in practice for 30 years without knowing that tidbit!

May 1, 2012 All updates and information about my book Uncoiling is on my new blog: UncoilingaMemoir@wordpress.com. Take a peek!

February 2013  I have just taken a new brain class taught by Bruno Chikly that covered gentle manual manipulation of the brain and the eyes. It is the next level of all our studies on how to help heal the brain.

February 2014 A Frontline Program on concussions and the NFL football injuries propelled me into researching how cranial work can improve concussive injuries. First and foremost: do not play football, ice hockey, wrestling, boxing, soccer etc. Secondly, if you must play, consider receiving monthly (weekly?) cranial or lymphatic therapy treatments to keep the fluids moving through the cells so the tau proteins will not increase in response to concussive trauma to the tissues. This is what causes brain damage. This is especially important for parents of young children to consider as they can guide their children into less concussive sports such as distance running etc. See the Upledger Institute’s Ricky Williams Foundation for intensive treatment programs.

 2015-2017:  I am continuing to work with clients, adding my deeper studies of the BRAIN. Bruno Chikly’s classes teaching us to work directly on the brain tissues are so very helpful to me and my clients for all kinds of injuries and realignments. Head injuries, whiplash and old lingering injuries(often that people don’t realize are the cause of current discomforts) are some of the situations I can help with. I actually have been repeating the classes to deepen my understanding. Newer studies include working with neurological inflammation and the primovascular system. Tad Weaver of the Upledger Institute will be teaching a class in the glial cells in November 2017. We continue to go deeper with what we have to offer clients!

Autumn 2016:  I have finished a postscript chapter to my book. It’s about healing with the elements (earth, air, fire etc) and is available from me in September as a pdf or pamphlet. Please call or email me to to receive a copy.

April 2017: Just was on the radio with Travis Taylor on the Divine Insight Show. KKNW 1150AM. Contact Travis for audio archive at DivineInsight.com

November 2017:  I have taken 2 classes about GLIAL CELLS with Tad Wanveer of the Upledger Institute and am integrating that work into my treatment sessions. They make up the cellular core of the nervous system. He is on you-tube explaining their importance.

January 2018: I am donating some treatment time to Sloth Community Acupuncture, located in south Seattle

2019-2020 more classes on the brain from Bruno Chikly are on my schedule.  Also I have been studying Qi Gong with Eva Wong, for 5 or so years now, to help me with my work. (LimitlessGate.com). AND a few copies of Uncoiling, my book from 2012 are left, available from me (and I hear from Amazon as used copies !)


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