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Concussion and Brain Injury Awareness for Children and Adults



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Concussive Injury Awareness

Please guide your children’s exercise and sports involvement with this information:

Recent and ongoing brain and nervous system research has revealed the DANGERS of  head AND whole body concussive injuries.

What this means is that repeated blows to the head, or kicks in the shins (for example in soccer or football), or anywhere else in the body (chest, back) cause more damage to the nervous system than originally thought. This includes brain function.

Frontline News Reports on concussions see www.pbs.org 

Boston University/CTE Center, Brain Research link  www.bu.edu/cte/about/what-is-cte/

Simply put: squished cells that make up muscles, bone and all tissues in the body DO NOT un-squish themselves. They stay squished and tangled and restrict healthy function of other cells that make up organs, including the brain and nerves.

Current research shows that the eventual outcome can be emotional distress, inability to think properly, uncontrollable anger and pain, and include illnesses such as dementia and Parkinson’s.

We (iahp.com) are bodywork therapists with experience who frequently work with children and adults with mild traumatic brain injuries, either from bike accidents, car accidents or sports and even difficult births such as extended labor, unusual position in the canal, forceps or vacuum suction delivery, etc. Our light touch work can often help release these restrictions.

You should Include the brain or nervous system when you think of the body. They are essential for sensing/feeling, thinking, concentrating and moving.

Of course some of these injuries cannot be avoided; accidents and unexpected events are a part of life.

What you can do, however, is guide your child towards sports whose main action does not require routine forceful body contact (i.e football, heading the soccer ball, ice hockey, boxing and wrestling).

There are many sports that are physically challenging and exciting and COOL: bicycling, XC skiing, track, tennis, gymnastics, martial arts, circus arts, to name a few.

It is also important to know that even young children can benefit from ongoing therapies to relieve these sorts of physical injuries.  By getting timely treatment, children will be less likely to encounter future problems from past concussive impacts. Therapists like us have these skills.

Give your children a good start in their life!!!!

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